Zoo Med Repti Halogen Heat Lamp

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Zoo Med Repti Halogen Heat Lamp

  • Highlights the colors of your reptiles
  • 2,000 hour average burn life
  • Specifically made for reptile terrariums
  • Creates basking spot
  • Produces 15% more heat, light, and UVA than competitors
  • 6 month manufacturer's warranty

Zoo Med Repti Halogen Heat Lamps burn longer and brighter than comparable bulbs and provide more heat per watt. Not to be mistaken for the halogen bulbs you may find at the hardware store. Zoo Med Repti Halogen Heat bulbs were specifically designed by the manufacturer for use in reptile enclosures. Ideally used as a heat source but also offers UVA rays to boost colors, promote breeding, encourage eating, and eliminate stress. Makes for a warm and beneficial basking spot perfect for reptiles like bearded dragons, tortoises, and uromastyx. For best use with ceramic sockets.