Zoo Med Forest Floor

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Zoo Med Forest Floor

  • Cypress mulch bedding
  • Captures moisture
  • Strengthens humidity
  • Can be used for egg incubation
  • Splinter free and mold resistant

Zoo Med Forest Floor gives your terrarium a natural feel while offering a multitude of benefits. Made from 100% natural cypress, this bedding aids in moisture retention and humidity levels. The layer gives your cage a floor reminiscent of the forest and can be used for egg incubation as well as a binding for other substrates like dirt or moss. Zoo Med Forest floor is soft enough not to give you splinters but firm enough that it won't break down or rot. Use for amphibians, reptiles, and invertebrates!

Zoo Med Forest floor hasn’t been heat treated, which allows the mulch to quickly absorb and attain moisture to provide humidity in the enclosure. Just spread at least an inch of the substrate over the bottom of your terrarium, and mist it periodically for a natural looking forest floor. It lays flat to help prevent live food insects, like crickets, from hiding in the substrate. 

Instructions: Spread over the entire bottom of terrarium for a minimum of 1" (2.5 cm) depth.
Helpful Suggestions: Mist forest floor bedding periodically to create humidity for tropical reptiles. Most tropical reptiles should have a minimum of 50% humidity level.
Sizes: 8 Quart, 24 Quart