Zoo Med Daylight Blue Bulb

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Zoo Meds Daylight Blue Reptile Bulb is made of a true blue glass (not painted or coated) for better heat transfer. Economical daytime heat source provides beneficial UVA rays for the psychological health of reptile and amphibian species. UVA can help increase daytime activity in diurnal species. Bright, attractive light output accentuates your animals natural colors for maximum viewing pleasure. Use a lower watt bulb for increasing temperatures 5-10 degrees (measured 4" beneat lamp). High watt options are best used for providing a hot basking site for tortoises, turtles, bearded dragons, chameleons and more! Use this heta lamp to provide a day/night heat cycle. This bulb does not emit UVB light.

  • Emits UVA
  • Blue tinted glass makes enclosures and animals appear more vibrant
  • Use as a daytime heat source