Zoo Med Day & Night Reptile Bulb Combo Pack 60w

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Zoo Med Day & Night Reptile Bulb Combo Pack 60w

  • 60 Watt Daylight Blue bulb for warming reptile or amphibian enclosures
  • 60 Watt Nightlight Red bulb for 24 hour viewing and heating
  • Daylight bulb delivers UVA rays to support wellbeing
  • High quality for longer lasting burn life
  • Both bulbs feature uncoated glass for better heat transfer
  • Cast hues that brighten pet's colors and pattern

Two options with a multitude of benefits! This Zoo Med Nightlight Red Reptile Bulb 60 watt combo pack features both a blue bulb for daylight heat and a red bulb for nighttime viewing and heat. Both output a tinted ambiance that immerses your pet in a rich hue while defining their patterns and colors. The daylight bulb will deliver UVA that contributes to the pet's overall health and wellbeing while the nightlight bulb will retain heat without emitting disrupting light. Will also illuminate your pet's habitat in the nighttime so you can finally see what goes bump in the night. Bulbs are high quality for a longer lasting burn life and feature true red and blue colored glass that hasn't been painted or coated on. Two bulbs and peace of mind is what you can expect with Zoo Med Day & Night Reptile Bulb Combo Pack with 60 watt bulbs!

The Daylight Blue™ Bulb is a 60 Watt Daylight Blue™ bulb for heating reptile or amphibian terrariums. European quality for long lasting burn life. Un-coated Blue Glass for better heat transfer.

The Nightlight Red™ Bulb is a 60 Watt Nightlight Red™ Bulb. True red glass 24 hour heat lamp. European quality for long lasting burn life. Perfect “Nightlight” bulb for viewing the nocturnal behavior of your animals.