Zoo Med Basking Combo Pack

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Zoo Med Basking Combo Pack

  • Includes the best-selling 75 watt basking spot lamp
  • Patented computer designed "double reflector" strengthens output by 35%
  • Basking Spot lamp lasts up to 2,000 hours
  • Also includes 75 watt nocturnal infrared lamp
  • Nocturnal lamp increases heat without disrupting light cycles
  • Allows nighttime viewing of pets
  • Burn life longer lasting

Is your reptile working on their beach body and the ultimate tan? Give their color the boost they need to really stand out among the crowd with Zoo Med Basking Spot Lamp Combo Pack. Boasting the #1 best selling 75 watt basking lamp and the 75 watt nocturnal infrared lamp, this combo is providing the ultimate in light and heat that won't affect sleep cycles and is sure to enhance coloring. The 75 watt basking light has a double reflector design that increases reflectivity and output up to 35% more than other bulbs of similar design. It lasts up to 2,000 hours and creates a hot basking spot for your pet to curl up under with a nice lemonade and a light summer read. When they are all tuckered out the heat doesn't have to end! The 75 watt nocturnal infrared lamp emits heat without putting off light so while they won't be working on their tan they will still be getting beneficial heat to help them slumber soundly. Best of all you'll be able to see your pet's majesty in the night, just under a reddish glow. With a longer lasting burn life, your pet will be looking bright with summer vibes all year round!