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Zoo Med Can O' Grasshoppers

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Dry Goods-Lower 48 States

Zoo Med Can O' Grasshoppers

  • Perfect for monitors, iguanas, and other large pets
  • 20 jumbo-sized grasshoppers per can
  • Easy to seal and store
  • No mess, no noise, no risk
  • Fresh up to one week

Pets and owners rejoice! Zoo Med Can O' Grasshoppers delivers a complete, nutrient-packed, and convenient option that provides you with extra time and money without having to skimp on your pet's meal. Grasshoppers come extra large and wingless so your pet can both swallow and digest safely and with ease. Insects are cooked inside the can to give your pet a recognizable taste and prevent you from having to take time out of your day to make a food run. Feed animals one grasshopper at a time and discard any uneaten food. Refrigerate Zoo Med grasshoppers after use.

If crickets just aren't enough for your Reptiles, these jumbo grasshoppers will do the job. These large grasshoppers are perfect for larger reptiles who want a substantial helping of insects. If your pet can't handle the size of these grasshoppers try out the Regular Can O' Crickets

Alternatively, these grasshoppers can be used for fishing bait, too! Since the Grasshoppers are cooked in the can to preserve flavor, it is quite enticing to fish! It is something different that just might do the trick to hook that pesky fish who has figured out your standard lures.