Wholesale Crested Gecko Package Deals

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Wholesale Crested Gecko Package Deals

Hand Picked To Your Specifications!

I can't provide pics at these prices but I will go the extra mile and hand pick the order myself according to your requests. These geckos are all from my own top of the line breeders and definitely not from the bottom of the barrel. I simply don't have time to photograph each gecko I have available anymore, so for those of you that know me personally or by reputation, this is a great way to get Pangea quality geckos at a great price.

These geckos are typically 6 weeks old when shipped. At this age we can't determine sex and it is hard to determine what the adult coloration will be but I can pick crested geckos for sale based on pattern and "color potential".

The wholesale reptiles sold in these package deals would normally retail on the site individually for between $59.00 and $99.00 ea.

We can do our best to judge color but cannot guarantee adult coloration.

Available Types: Flames, Harlequins, Partial Pinstripes, Dalmatians, Tigers, and Patternless.

*Not available for payment plans