Wholesale Subadult Crested Geckos

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Wholesale Crested Gecko Package Deals

Hand Picked To Your Specifications!

I can't provide pics at these prices but I will go the extra mile and try to hand pick the order myself according to your requests. These geckos are all from my own top of the line breeders and definitely not from the bottom of the barrel. I simply don't have time to photograph each gecko I have available anymore, so for those of you that know me personally or by reputation, this is a great way to get Pangea quality geckos at a great price.

These geckos will be 15-30 grams and have tails. Do not house males together and make sure you have appropriate housing before purchasing. The ratios of male to females will be the following per pack:

  • 3 Pack- 2.1 (Two males, 1 female)
  • 6 Pack- 4.2 (Four males, 2 females)
  • 12 Pack 8.4 (Eight males, four females)
  • 24 Pack 16.8 (Sixteen males, eight females)

Available Types: Flames, Harlequins, Partial Pinstripes, Tigers, and Dalmatians. Please do not request all members of the group to be one morph. Please leave at least two options. 

*Not available for payment plans