Organic Vermiculite Egg Substrate

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Organic Vermiculite

  • Widely popular for large scale reptile breeders
  • Retains moisture and humidity
  • Mix with soil substrate for healthy root growth

Vermiculite can be used as egg incubation media, or to improve soil structure and to maintain moisture for live plants. This unique natural material soaks up moisture like a sponge that can help promote consistent moisture levels when mixed with organic potting soil, or added to other mixes such as ABG for tropical terrariums. Organic vermiculite is a great incubation substrate due to its moisture retaining properties. 

Preparation for incubating: Mix vermiculite with water until the material is damp without being soggy. Once properly mixed, you should be able to squeeze minimal amounts of water out by hand. If too much water is added, simply add more dry vermiculite. Fill incubation container 3/4 of the way full, or if using incubation trays just until the bottom of the tray meets the top layer of premixed vermiculite. Applying light pressure to compact slightly is acceptable. Place eggs horizontally into mixed vermiculite so that 1/2 of the egg is in contact with the vermiculite.

Some reptile species require different humidity and temperatures than others, so it is best to research how to properly incubate eggs for the species you are attempting to breed.