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Vivarium Electronics VE-6 Rack

  • Rounded front edges
  • 4" THG Heat Tape through all shelves
  • VE 108 Series Tub versatility - 6 to 18 tub capability
  • Unique VE Stacking!  Ultra easy and extremely secure stacking system
  • Optional easy to install caster system
  • Deep tubs for the basking temp you want and still get a thermal gradient
  • VE Direct Airflow thermostat probe slot on all shelves
  • Easy assembly


Introducing the new Vivarium Electronics VE-6 Racks. A real game-changer in PVC racks! Finally, you have the freedom you need to have truly interchangeable tubs in one rack. Each rack comes with a strip of 4" THG Heat Tape that lines up on each row of the rack, so you can have perfectly even heat on each row. 

Rack dimensions are approximately 23" Deep x 16.5" Wide x 30" Tall


The VE-6 can use (3) VE108-8 Tubs, (2) VE108-11, or (1) VE-108-23 Tub per shelf.  You can order the tubs individually to customize the sizes on each shelf. 

  • Small - VE108-8 - 22.44" Deep x 4.92" Wide x 4.25" Tall
  • Medium - VE108-11 - 22.44" Deep x 7.36" Wide x 4.25" Tall
  • Large - VE-108-23 - 22.44" Deep x 14.76" Wide x 4.25" Tall

Order individual tubs here!

Assembly Instructions

Download VE-6 Rack assembly instructions here.

We recommend a battery powered drill/screwdriver and the bit for the #1 square drive screws used is included.  

Heat Tape MUST be controlled by a thermostat, do not use without a controller you pose risk to overheating and killing your animal.