Shop Pangea's best geckos during the Pangea Online Expo! Below you will find all of the geckos that were to be offered at the Tinley show. We will be offering some beautiful geckos at some great prices!

The Tinley 2020 Spring show was canceled just 2 days before the event. So, we have had to work quickly to provide everything we can. Our photo process has been expedited, so there will be less photos offered for each gecko. We hope that you understand, and do not request extra photos of the Expo geckos. Our team is working hard to get our entire Expo stock online, and working extra hard to get this up and running. 

We plan to keep these geckos available online until things get back to normal. Normal could be a while away from now, so we will keep adding geckos to this page until then. Subscribe to our Facebook and newsletter and we will update you with show dates as soon as we learn them.

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