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THG Reptile Egg Incubation Tray

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THG Reptile Egg Incubation Tray

  • Incubate up to 8 eggs per tray
  • Suspended incubation for improved airflow and better hatch rates
  • Reusable
  • Use with any incubation substrate including Pangea Hatch!

This egg organizer from THG is a very sturdy and high quality reptile egg incubation tool that both simplifies and improves the incubation process. You can easily keep clutches separated in the four built in compartments that house two eggs each. The innovative design of these incubator egg trays feature raised bumps to help increase airflow, numbered quadrants to make record keeping even easier, and they can be stacked when not in use for easy storage.

These egg organizers are even dishwasher safe, but keep it on the top rack to avoid warping. This tray utilizes a technique known as Suspended Incubation, where the egg does not come directly into contact with the incubation substrate and thereby increases the airflow to the egg.

This egg tray for incubators is ideal for crested, gargoyle, leopard, chahoua, or any smaller reptile eggs. Can be used with any incubation substrate such as vermiculite, perlite or hydrated water crystals just to name a few. The choice is yours but we've always had good luck with vermiculite kept wetter than you would if the eggs were in direct contact with the substrate. Make sure to leave about an eighth of an inch between the substrate and the bottom of the egg tray. For ventilation start with two small pin holes in the top of your deli cup and add a couple more if needed.

Egg Tray Cups Are Sold Separately.