THG Heat Tape Connection How To

reptile heat tape connection

How To Connect Heat Tape Tutorial

Of course, the simplest way to connect the heat tape is just to have us at Pangea do it for you. When you order the connection kit for your THG heat tape just select "Yes Please" under the "Connect it for us" option.

You can Purchase the heat tape and all accessories HERE.

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Place a mark on the copper strip of the heat tape about 1/4 of an inch in from the end.Heat Tape

Punch a hole through the copper strip where you have marked it. A regular old paper hole punch will work just fine.Punching Heat Tape



Insert the eyelet BETWEEN the the plastic layers. It is important not to go on top of or underneath but actually get inside the and between the laminate.

Heat Tape Connector


Once inside line up the eyelet with the punched out hole and place the longer end of the rivet through the tape and eyelet.

Connected Heat Tape




Next, connect the smaller part of the rivet with the other end of the rivet.

Heat Tape Eyelets




Using a special crimping tool or a good pair of vice grips, crimp the rivet together completely.  The rivet should not move at all if this is done properly.

Heat Tape Clamp




Use the provided insulation pieces to sandwich the connection on both sides

Heat Tape Connection   

Heat Tape Sealed Sealed Heat Tape




Use electrical tape to cover the ends of the heat tape and you are done.

Heat Tape