Pangea Suction Cup Corner Branch

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Pangea Suction Cup Corner Branch

  • Branches between terrarium corners
  • Easily holds 10 lbs
  • Realistic tree branch decor

If you are looking for a natural looking tree branch to add to your terrarium, try the Pangea Suction Cup Corner Branch. This Reptile branch will fit right in the corner of your terrarium and will spiffy up those hard to fill places. The suction cups provide all the durability this branch will ever need and your reptile will be sure to love its new hangout place!

This branch has a suction cup on each side of the curved branch so you can stick it to any glass corner. The suction cups are mounted directly into the branch so you do not have to worry about them separating from the branch. The suction cups come with easy pull tabs, so you can remove and relocate your branch to any corner! 

Dimensions: Length - 10"    Large Diameter - 3"    Smaller Diameter - 1"

Installation: Clean glass or surface location thoroughly. Lightly wet each suction cup. Place in the desired location and firmly press both cups to the glass and hold for 2-3 seconds. Enjoy!