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Patient Zero Christmas SpecialsBringing in the New Year with extended sales! 

We have 25% off all XXX, Extreme, and Harlequin Geckos. Along with that you will receive Free Shipping if you buy one of our New Year Geckos. Some of our prized geckos fall into these categories, so make sure to get them while they are still available. Gecko Sales will continue until March 1st!

Additionally if you sign up for our newsletter, you will receive a sale code to add even more discounts to your order with the next mailer.

Harlequin Geckos for the new year!

Harlequin Geckos have some of the most beautiful patterning out of the Gecko morphs. On top of that their patterning can vary making them Extremes or XXX! If you'd like to learn more about Gecko morphs and what makes them so beautiful check out our Gecko Morph Guide.