Reptology Green and Brown Hanging Vine

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Reptology Green and Brown Hanging Vine

  • Vibrant Colors
  • Provides lots of foliage
  • Great for all types of reptiles

OK Reptology, we love you but these are clearly green and orange. I for one like the orange, it's bright and catches the eye, so own it. Orange is beautiful. Just maybe have someone from marketing to talk to someone in product development because I'm sure we are going to get emails about this. Green and Brown (not brown) Reptology Hanging Vines are decorative and incredibly realistic artificial reptile plants. Place them anywhere in your cage or tank to re-create the jungle. Comes with suction cups to securely fix to the sides of your enclosure. The plastic leaves provide great cover which will help give your reptile a sense of security, these fake plants are the closest thing to real we have come across. To clean, simply wash them off in hot soapy water or spray with disinfectant and rinse.