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Reptology Climber Vine Green Rattan

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Reptology Climber Vine Green Rattan

  • Creates climbing areas for your reptile
  • Flexible and bendable
  • Looks like real vines from the jungle

Reptology Climber Vine Green Ratan is a versatile natural product Made from Rattan which comes from trees. The green coloration really gives these vines a jungle vibe which you will appreciate and so will your reptile. You can bend and twist these eye-catching reptile vines into all sorts of shapes to bring your vivarium to life. For a beautiful and mesmerizing habitat look no further than the Green Climber Vine by Penn Plax and Reptology.

The Reptology Climber Vine Measures 5 feet long making it ideal for 10 gallon or large enclosures. They will give your terrarium a lush full feeling. It will also give your pet plenty of space to climb around. You can bend the vines any which way you like, so you can position them for the best viewing angles of your animal.