Reptology Climber Vine

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Reptology Climber Vine

  • Great for all climbing reptiles
  • Bends to any desired shape
  • Natural look and feel
  • Variety of styles

Reptology Climber Vine With Leaves can be bent into just about any configuration. These vines have a natural look to them with small chutes and leaves. The very versatile appearance that works in a wide variety of themed habitats. Climber Vines look great in the simplest setups and even elaborate live planted vivariums. These are a great choice for transforming any habitat while adding loads of climbing structure that most lizards, geckos, chameleons and small arboreal snakes will love. 

The Reptology Climber Vine Measures 5 feet long making it ideal for 10 gallon or large enclosures. They will give your terrarium a lush full feeling. It will also give your pet plenty of space to climb around. You can bend the vines any which way you like, so you can position them for the best viewing angles of your animal. 

The Climber Vines come in a variety of styles, so you can customize your creatures habitat. The leafy style gives a more florally and dense feel to your terrarium. The Green Vine can brighten up the home and give a great place to hang out. The Brown Vine can give off a very natural feel and be a nice resting spot for any animal.