Exo Terra Moss Mat Realistic moss cage carpet Sanitary and easily cleaned Attractive This unique, functional reptile substrate alternative...
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Zoo Med Eco Carpet Hygeinic Easy to wash Looks great If you like to keep a tidy tank for your reptile Eco Carpet is the product for you. It's...
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Exo Terra Sand Mat Create a natural looking desert-like environment using this sturdy, hygenic, removable and easy to cut Sand Mat. This safe subtrate...
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Eco Carpet 2 Pack Safe Easy to use Handy 2 pack Multiple sizes and colors So your fond of the Zoo Med Eco Carpet for reptiles but you want to...
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Want something on the bottom of your terrarium but don't want the hassle of cleaning up substrate? We offer a variety of different style reptile cage carpet mats that are washable for re-use and are pre-cut to your desired terrarium length and width.