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Pangea offers reptile bedding and substrates from just about every climate to cater to a wide variety of animals. Using the correct reptile & amphibian substrate or habitat bedding for your pet will ensure a safe and healthy life.

Desert substrates will hold significantly less humidity, but conduct heat more efficiently than other moderate to tropical forest types. Lizard litter made from leaves, moss and bark will hold much more humidity for those animals that prioritize humidity over heat. We also offer various types of reptile bedding that can keep your reptile safe, like specific snake bedding that is softer to protect their underbelly while they slither around their beautiful home. 

We also offer different accessories to help maintain and clean your terrarium. Different scoops made for various beddings to help clean refuse in the correct type of bedding. Drainage meshes for separating your different substrates to keep the correct layering in your reptiles home. We have moss, barks, leave and everything you need to make the perfect home for your reptile/amphibian pet!