Zoo Med Repti Tuff Splashproof Halogen Lamp

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Zoo Med Repti Tuff Splashproof Halogen Lamp

  • Halogen basking bulb for aquatic turtle habitats
  • Water resistant lamp housing 
  • Perfect for red eared sliders, musk turtles, painted turtles, tropical habitats and more!
  • Compatible with dimming thermostats and rheostats
  • Emits beneficial UVA spectrum lighting
  • 3 month manufacturer's warranty

Use this energy-saving halogen basking heat lamp for aquatic and tropical habitats. Formerly called Turtle Tuff, now known as Repti Tuff for its popularity for many other reptile habitats including chameleons, water monitors, and tropical reptile species. The unique splashproof housing prevents water and humidity from damaging the glass due to the high heat output of halogen bulbs. Repti Tuff lamps are also ideal for tropical habitats where regular misting or foggers may shorten the life of standard heat lamps. This bulb does not emit UVB.