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Piebald Crested Gecko

Pangea Piebald Crested Gecko - Patient Zero

Meet Patient Zero, the Piebald Crested Gecko. Patient Zero shows all of the characteristics of a typical genetic piebald animal. Patches of skin that lack any pigment with areas of skin that are patterned and pigmented normally. He has black eyes, but despite what you might think, he is not blind. He is an excellent hunter and gets around just fine.

I acquired this gecko in September of 2011 along with 8 of his first generation offspring, all of which were 12 weeks old or less. I also acquired all of the female geckos that he had bred with. Patient Zero has what we had hoped was a genetic mutation known as piebaldism. The trait is referred to as Piebald or Pied for short. I named him Patient Zero using a suggestion given to me by my friend Jaybee. It seemed an appropriate name as we had hoped he was the first of his kind and that he would pass this amazing trait on to his offspring.

Piebaldism is typically a simple recessive trait, so I bred him out accordingly. Unfortunately, none of his progeny showed the piebald phenotype. Although it was a hearbreaking disappointment, he has worked his way into our hearts, and become sort of a mascot around here. Technically, because he does not pass this trait on genetically, he is not a true piebald. Since I brought him home, myself and everyone else in the community has referred to him as a piebald. Please be assured that we do understand the difference and only call him a piebald because of his appearance. 

Since there is a continued interest and a bit of a cult following, we decided to give him his own page. He is truly one of the most unique crested geckos in existence, with a unique and fun personality. 

We know you are curious about this guy so feel free to submit a question below!

Piebald Pied Crested Gecko

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