Espoma Organic Perlite Reptile Egg Substrate 8 Quart

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Espoma Organic Perlite

  • Retains moisture and humidity
  • Great for mixing with soil substrates for healthy plant growth
  • Popular reptile incubation media
  • 8 quart bag

Perlite is a form of volcanic glass that is mined and heat treated to create small beads of lightweight porous material that retains moisture. Perfect incubation medium for reptile eggs and also for raising humidity within incubators. Sterile and ph balanced. Coarse ground for the maximum surface area to mass ratio.

Perlite is popular for growing seedlings and soil mixtures as it creates lots of room for healthy root development. It also helps to prevent compacted soil. Perlite aerates the soil which is perfect for root growth. 

Perlite is not only great for being used as an egg substrate. It can also be used for potting soil, seed starting, root cutting and bulb storage. It is a versatile product and great for breeders.