PangeaCal without D3

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PangeaCal without D3

  • Phosphorous Free, Ultra Fine, and Ultra Pure
  • Trace minerals from kelp and spirulina algae
  • Ideal for reptiles kept outdoors with exposure to natural sunlight

Your geckos eat the finest of food, so why would you give them supplements of any less quality? That's why we created PangeaCal. Just like our gecko diet, our calcium supplement is made of the highest quality ingredients. Calcium is ideal for egg-laying females. Simply place food items into a plastic bag or cup; add enough calcium to lightly coat the items; shake the bag or cup until items are evenly coated with the powder; feed to your reptiles immediately.

We offer PangeaCal With D3 and Without D3, so you can add it to your reptile diets no matter what you feed them. We understand diets can vary depending on each reptile, so this is why we offer Calcium with and without Vitamin D3. 

Ingredients: Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, kelp meal, spirulina algae.
Guaranteed Analysis: Calcium min. 38% max 43%

Why do I need to give my Reptile Calcium?
Check out our How-To for more information on feeding calcium to your geckos. Pangea tries to offer as much information on how to care for your pets with our How-To guides and articles.