Pangea vs Covid-19

What is Pangea doing to fight Covid-19? (Coronavirus)

Watch this short video to see what we are doing to keep things sanitary. 

Executive order 2020-21 for Covid-19 (Updated 12/09/2020)

See Michigan Covid Press Releases Here.

All employees of Pangea Reptile LLC, fall under the food and agriculture category of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s plan. Employees tend to live animals, manufacture and distribute pet food, and the business is considered a pet store. This will allow Pangea to continue to provide service to our customers.

Sanitary & Hygiene

  • All employees must remain at least 6 feet away from one another.
  • Any symptoms of illness or not feeling well, employees are asked to stay home or leave work immediately. 
  • Continue to practice good hygiene and sanitizing yourself as well as your workstations frequently and efficiently.
  • No overtime unless pre-approved.

Temporary Changes to Orders

  • No In-Store Pickup Option
  • Live Animal Shipping will end 12/03/2020 till the End of the Year
  • Possible Shipping Delays