Pangea Replacement Large Suction Cups [Hanging Bush]

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Pangea Replacement Suction Cups [Hanging Bush]

Large Cups

  • Large made to fit Pangea Hanging Bushes
  • Large surface area for longer-lasting stickiness

Suction cups are used in Terrariums as holders for different vines and bushes, so you can set up your reptile habitat exactly how you imagine it. Pangea offers Replacement Suction Cups for Pangea Hanging Bushes. Sometimes suction cups get damaged or stop sticking correctly and you need a new one.

The Large suction cups are custom made to fit Pangea Hanging Bushes. These have a loop fixture that the stem of the Hanging Bushes slides into and secure the weight. These suction cups are large so they can support the weight of the larger hanging bushes.