Assorted Pangea Sandblasted Grapevine

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Assorted Pangea Sandblasted and Weathered Grapevine Wood

  • Great climbing structures
  • Helps provide access to basking spots
  • Provides coverage
  • Natural decor for terrariums
  • Use in dry to low humidity habitats

Use Pangea Sandblasted Grapevine in your enclosures to provide lots of climbing structure and eye-catching natural decor! This wood looks great in any enclosure and can be used vertically to provide access to basking spots, or horizontally to provide ground coverage. Loved by both terrestrial and arboreal reptiles!

This wood is ideal for moderate to low humidity enclosures, or enclosures that are not constantly wet or extremely humid. If used in a humid setup, it can retain the moisture and grow mold. This is perfect for bearded dragons, anoles, leopard geckos, and arboreal snakes like tree pythons and vine snakes.

The number of branches, thickness, and exact size will vary widely as this is a natural product. Add a general size request in your customer notes section when placing your order. We will do our best to get you what you need, but there are no guarantees on any specific requests.