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Pangea Leaf Litter Decor

  • 100% Natural & Handpicked
  • Pesticide & Chemical Free
  • Perfect for Bioactive Enclosures
  • Rich in Tannins
  • Multiple Plants to Choose From!

Pangea Leaf Litter Decor is a 100% natural way to decorate your enclosure and give it that leafy forest floor feel. These handpicked leaves are pesticide and chemical-free, making them perfect for any bioactive setups. Being rich in tannins you can also use these leaves to simulate a blackwater environment. 

Catappa Leaves  Lowers pH & ammonia, Water softener, Serving as blackwater extract, Provides a natural water source
Banana Leaves  Lowers pH & ammonia, Contains Anti-Microbial properties, Promotes Health & Vitality, Releases Tannins
Jackfruit Leaves  Lowers pH & ammonia, Resistant to Decay, Releases Tannins
Catappa Bark  Promotes Health & Vitality, Natural Anti-Microbial, Releases Tannins
Guava Leaves  Lowers pH & ammonia, Natural Anti-Microbial, Water softener, Provides a natural water source
Mangrove Leaves  Promotes Health & Vitality, Resistant to Decay, Releases Tannins
Mulberry Leaves  Promotes Health & Vitality, Rich in Fiber & Protein, Enhances Appetite 

Typically in tanks, you want to have the leaves at least a few layers deep. You should routinely add Leaf Litter as you see them decomposing. Learn more about creating a bioactive setup with our bioactive setup guide!