Organic Peat Moss 8 Quart

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Organic Peat Moss

  • Retains moisture, improves humidity
  • Helps loosen heavy soils and prevents compaction
  • Great for lay boxes, humidity shelters, and burrows
  • Can be mixed with soil substrates - balances moisture levels, adds nutrients for plants, and improves drainage.
  • 8qt bag

This is pure Sphagnum Peat Moss with no additives. Great as a substrate for forest-dwelling reptiles or mixed 50:50 with vermiculite and used as an egg-laying substrate in lay-boxes. It has superior moisture-retaining qualities compared to other reptiles, amphibians, roach, Tarantula, and exotic pet beddings. Organic peat moss can be used to create humidity shelters for aiding in healthy shedding for gecko and lizard species. 

One of the best uses for peat moss is to create a humid retreat for your snake. Most snakes will seek places of higher humidity when preparing to shed, both to retard dehydration and remain hidden from predators. Use a plastic storage container or tub that is barely large enough to contain your snake. Place an inch or two of dampened moss in the bottom of the container, cut an opening in the lid or side, and place it in the cage. While this is a wonderful practice for shed cycles, it can be kept in the cage permanently – just be sure to keep it clean, and change the moss periodically.

It can also be used for potting plants, soil mixes, and gardening. This can be added to heavier soils to help prevent compaction. To improve heavy soil, mix one-part soil to one part Peat Moss. To blend your own potting media, mix two parts Peat Moss with one part compost, and one part Perlite or Vermiculite.