Zoo Med Cork Terrarium Backgrounds

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Zoo Med Cork Terrarium Backgrounds

  • Natural and sustainable
  • Won't rot or mold
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Great for bioactive vivariums

These cork backgrounds by Zoo Med are made from 100% sustainable natural cork from the cork tree. Pre-cut to fit standard size vivariums. Cork makes a great background for your habitat, it doesn't mold, doesn't rot, and looks great. What more could you ask for? The texture of the background makes for a perfect climbing surface and provides a nice rough surface to loosen those pesky stuck on sheds.

Available in an assortment of sizes to fit most terrariums or for the very large tank. Or consider multiple panels pieced together to fit custom sized terrariums. These cork panels are easy to cut with just about any wood saw.

Zoo Med Cork Terrarium Backgrounds can be used in live bioactive vivariums as well. The texture on the backgrounds will allow live climbing plants to grow up the background. Additionally the natural cork will keep the vivarium looking all natural.