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Pangea offers a large brand selection of humidifying and misting supplies. 

All of the necessary tools for providing humidity and hydration for your reptiles ranging from automated misting systems from MistKing and Exo Terra, to humidifying moss, spray bottles and more. A humidity cycle and regular misting is a requirement for just about every pet reptile and amphibian. Keeping your pet hydrated and while maintaining proper humidity control is equally as important as feeding them the right diet.

Pangea has tools that help you control the atmosphere of your terrarium like combo Thermometers and Humidity Gauges along with Humidity & Temperature controllers. You can automate your controllers and herpstats. With these you can be sure your pet is happy and healthy living in a perfectly temperate home. 

We also offer hand and automated misting systems depending on your preference. Many people like the price and personal connection of hand misters. While others have so many animals the automated systems work best for them. On top of that you can purchase various humidity shelters that combo with the rest of your choices. 

Order a reptile humidifier or a terrarium mister online now!