Male Drippy Extreme Crested Gecko Cr-030717-0228

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Male Drippy Extreme Crested Gecko

  • Male
  • Hatched 3/7/2017
  • Weight:  35.5 grams
  • Highly harlequin patterning- borderline XXX!
  • Drippy detailing
  • High contrast
  • Dark base
  • Full, grey toes

Wow! This male has patterning from head-to-toe! We weren't sure if he was more drippy or harlequin. The heavy patterning even continues to the back legs which are mottled with that yellow/sandy coloration.  His base is a dark brown, almost black and his crest droops over the face dramatically! Great for an extreme or drippy breeding group this guy has frills and thrills! He is pictured fired up in these photos and fired down he still has a heavy sandy/yellow saturation. Oh yeah, and full grey toes too!

Updated 9/17/2019