MagNaturals Jungle Vine Bridge

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MagNaturals Jungle Vine Bridge

  • No adhesive or harmful materials
  • Walkway for arboreal pets
  • Magnetic force guaranteed for life
  • Easy to remove and reposition
  • Efficient and captivating
  • Up to 34" of the vine

Allow your pet to reach new heights with the MagNaturals Jungle Vine Bridge! Necessary for chameleons, geckos, frogs, and other critters who want to take a walk on the wild side. The bridge has magnetic ends that anchor to both sides of the terrarium creating a natural walkway that uses cage space wisely and looks great. Magnetic force guaranteed for life so your pet won't be making any plunges and either will your wallet.

Also a great option for small bird cages like canaries or finches. With 34 inches of the vine, the possibilities are endless. Encourage your chameleon to wander and your bird to soar!

The MagNaturals Jungle Vine Bridge can be used in terrariums up to 34" across, and anchors on both sides of any terrarium with the MagNaturals Magnet Lock. The strong magnets also allow you to install quickly and relocate the Jungle Vine Cluster as often as you like! Most importantly, this plant is cleaned easily and completely safe for your pet! It does not contain any glue or Velcro and is 100% non-toxic.