Pangea Live Oak Leaf Litter

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Pangea Live Oak Leaf Litter

  • Natural Leaves
  • Perfect for Bioactive Vivariums
  • Food for microfauna
  • Hides for small animals

Oak Leaf litter not only helps with providing a naturalistic appearance, but the leaves also provide hiding spots for animals such as dart frogs. Additionally, microfauna like springtails and isopods will use the decomposing Oak leaves as food. In the forest, the leaf litter may be several inches thick. Typically in tanks, you want to have the leaves at least a few layers deep and you should routinely add Oak leaves as you see them decomposing.

Great as a sole leaf litter, Live Oak leaves look even better when mixed with either Sea Grape Leaves or Magnolia Leaves in a naturalistic vivarium. Live Oak Leaves break down just a bit faster than some other forms of leaf litter and seem to lead to an increased abundance of isopods and springtails when used in a naturalistic vivarium.

Live Oak leaves are another great long-lasting leaf in a terrarium or vivarium. Much smaller than Magnolia making them easier to fit into smaller areas and around delicate plants. These are a Pangea favorite to use in our tanks!

*Please note our Live Oak is measured by weight and not the number of leaves per bag.