We stock the best professional quality microclimate thermostats to help you maintain the most stable and accurate enviromental temperatures possible. A good thermostat is perhaps your most important investment when it comes to keeping reptiles, which is why we stock and recommend the Vivarium Electronics brand.

ON/OFF Thermostats- these reptile thermostats read the temperature and simply turn your heat source on or off to regulate temperature. A good choice for under tank heaters, heat tape, or cable.

  • VE-100
  • VE-200
  • VE-Hobby Stat
  • Zoo Med Reptitemp 500R

Pulse Proportional Thermostats- these units continuously read the temperature and send pulses of energy to your heat source to gently nudge the temperature to the desired level. These are more accurate and consistent than on/off units. An ideal choice for heat tape, under tank heat, heat emitters and heat cables.

  • All Herpstats
  • VE-200
  • VE-300
  • VE-300X2

Dimming Thermostat (for heat lamps)- These reptile temperature controls constantly take the temperature and then, just like a light dimmer, decrease or increase power to your heating source. These are the only type of thermostat that should be used with incandescent heat lamps.

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