Juvenile White Collared Sarasinorum Gecko Sa-053020-0006

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Juvenile White Collared Sarasinorum Gecko

  • Unsexed
  • Hatched 5/30/2020
  • Weight:  3.4 grams
  • White Collared
  • Some white spots

Have you gotten into Sara's yet!? These geckos are known for the white spots and collars- although you can find them without both! This individual has a thin white collar and a trio of spots mirrored on either side down it's back. Fired down these animals are almost pale grey and pink, but fired up they can take on all sorts of brown, tan, and even red tones! Quick and active the Sarasinorum is a perfect step up from Crested Geckos! 

Listing created on 7/09/20