Juvenile White Collard Sarasinorum Gecko Sa-060820-0010

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Juvenile White Collard Sarasinorum Gecko

  • Unsexed
  • Hatched 6/8/2020
  • Weight:  2.8 grams
  • White Collared
  • Spots

This Sarasinorum gecko is for sale today! With a faint collar that starts behind the eyes and meets at the nape of it's neck (do they have necks- nape of it's dorsal maybe?) this gecko has a visible line where the collar trails off. Towards the end of the dorsal is a group of faint to full spots- with there being over 5! Down the tail you will see bone-colored swatches of that trailling white! This little one has a reddish undertone and looks almost yellow and brown fired down!

Listing created on 7/09/20