Juvenile White Collard Sarasinorum Gecko Sa-051420-0009

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Juvenile White Collard Sarasinorum Gecko

  • Unsexed
  • Hatched 5/14/2020
  • Weight:  3.5 grams
  • White Collared
  • Spotted

This white collard sarasinorum has a different tail than the others being listed today.  It's got a couple of white, almost inkblot type shapes on its tail with a long stripe with white blobs on either end.  Seven white spots adorn its back, just missing the top left one to make it an even number.  Greenish eyes and the yellow fringy lashes to top it all off!  Very pretty gecko with the collar and spots you crave! This Sara has a browner hue than some others listed, but has reddish tones that shine through. You may also notice a light marbling look- almost like the fur of a greyhound! A special gecko for someone who is really in to Sara's!

Listing created 7/09/20