Juvenile Red Striped Orange Blotched Gargoyle Gecko Ga-021920-0068

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Juvenile Red Striped Orange Blotched Gargoyle Gecko

  • Probale Male
  • Hatched 2/19/20
  • Weight: 9.6 grams
  • Red Striped 
  • Orange Blotched
  • Blue Eyes

Sprinkled throughout this gorgeous gargoyle are little orange speckles. Brown lines of scales start on the back of the head in a peace-sign shape before they slide down the back as one.  Red flanks this brown line on either side and below that red line is an orange line of blotching. Starting on the sides of the nose are brown scales that form a line going back past the eyes, down the back, and sort of splitting into two to frame a creamy white middle.  Decorating that shape are more little blotches of orange as if someone painted them on! His blue eyes are encircled with a thin yellow strip of scales and right on the front of the eye are more small, orange blotches. This is one handsome gecko!

Updated 6/2/2020

Care & Breeding Information

If you are a new gecko owner or are just seeking more breeding information, check out our Gargoyle Gecko Care Sheet

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