Juvenile Male Super Dalmatian Crested Gecko Cr-100119-0555

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Juvenile Male Super Dalmatian Crested Gecko

  • Male
  • Hatched 10/1/19
  • Weight:  19 grams
  • Super Dalmatian
  • Some white
  • White fringe and kneecaps

We're really kinda digging this yellow super dal with a creamy dorsal, mixed in with white, yellow, orange, and some stripes that are a burnt sienna like hue.  This color also outlines the dorsal in the middle.  White decorates the lower laterals, white fringe, and kneecaps, as well as the tail. Super handsome male.  


If you are a new gecko owner or are just looking for more breeding information,  check out our crested gecko care sheet  HERE.