Juvenile Male Red Striped Gargoyle Gecko Ga-071519-0055

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Juvenile Male Red Striped Gargoyle Gecko

  • Hatched 7/5/19
  • Weight: 9.2 grams
  • Male
  • Red Striped

This male red striped gargoyle is full of color! He's got two sets of stripes that start off fuller down the back of his head towards the end of his tail. On the outside of these stripes there is red and orange blotching that highlight his stripes- especially around his midsection. Behind his eyes there is a thick patch of red that wafts out into another trail of blotching across the lower parts his sides. When fired down he's red and almost white in color, but fired up you can see some grey stripes in between the red. His legs have some red rings on them that goes all the way down to his feet!  Of course there is red and yellow circling his pretty blue eyes too! He's a really gorgeous gargoyle that should be at the center of every red stripe collection.

Care & Breeding Information

If you are a new gecko owner or are just seeking more breeding information, check out our  Gargoyle Gecko Care Sheet.