Juvenile Male Quad Pinstripe Crested Gecko Cr-051319-0354

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Juvenile Male Quad Pinstripe Crested Gecko

  • Hatched 5/13/2019
  • Weight:  19.5 grams
  • Quad Pinstripe
  • No spots

A handsome yellow-based quad pin, with dark brown, constrasting color.  Also included in this model are splotches of cream, yellow and some specks of orange.  His pinstripe is a creamy, yellow color and his dorsal is the same color with some of the brown and yellow and some little areas of white.  Creamy fringe and kneecaps and dark brown toes unite with all the other features listed above to produce a very striking gecko.  


If you are a new gecko owner or are just looking for more breeding information, check out our Crested gecko care sheet HERE.