Juvenile Male Orange Blotched Gargoyle Gecko Ga-031419-0071

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Juvenile Male Orange Blotched Gargoyle Gecko

  • Male 
  • Hatched 3/14/2019
  • Weight:  15.7 grams
  • Light Base
  • Orange Blotched
  • Grey Reticulated
  • Blue eyes

This little guy is a favorite!  As soon as we saw him there was a collective "oooooh".  This male has a light base with brown reticulation and orange blotches along his face, and larger ones on his back that embellishes the reticulation. His eyes are encircled with a yellow, almost sunburst effect which really makes his icy blue eyes pop.  A gargoyle worth every penny, don't wait too long or we may change our minds and keep him!

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