How to Set Up a Herpstat

Herpstat Setup Guide

How to Set Up a Herpstat

In this guide, we will be teaching you how to set up the Herpstat 2 SpyderWeb. Most of the info covered will also describe the setup process of other Herpstats as well. The SpyderWeb however has WiFi capabilities the others do not have!

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Herpstat Power CordStep 1

Plug-in the female end of the power cord to the Herpstat, and plug in the male end to the power outlet of your wall. 

It is recommended to use a quality surge protector if your wall does not have one built in to protect your Herpstat.

Keep the probe cords away from the power cords, so you do not get any electrical interference.


Herpstat Output cordStep 2

Plug-in the temperature/humidity controller to the AC output in the back of the Herpstat. Depending on the Herpstat you own each electrical output may not have all available output modes. Check your user manual to see which output modes each of your outputs produce.

DO NOT exceed the max wattage for each output, this could result in fire or electrical shock.


Probe Cord JackStep 3

Plug-in the temperature/humidity probe to the probe jack. The probe jacks will correlate to the output they are next to.

Herpstat's come with temperature probes, humidity probes will be sold separately and must be used for humidity controllers. 

For lighting control, or a disabled output the probe jack may be left empty.


Step 4

Herpstat ButtonsConfigure Herpstat

On the front of the Herpstat unit, you will see 3 buttons. These will be used to navigate the menu of the Herpstat unit.

  1. Enter - Select or Confirm Options
  2. Plus - Navigate Up or Increase an Option
  3. Minus - Navigate Down or Decrease an Option

Press and hold the Enter button to open up the initial menu. (You will hear multiple beeps) Select which output/setting you would like to configure. Depending on your Herpstat unit you might have up to 6 outputs.

Choose your Output

  • Herpstat ScreenOutput Modes:
  1. Disabled - No Output
  2. Heat (Dimming) - Gradually Adjusts Temps up and down
  3. Heat (Pulse) - Turns On/Off Based on Temps high & low settings
  4. Non-Proportional (Cooling) - Turns on when a high temp is breached and off when temp drops
  5. Lighting (on/off) - Powers On or Off - Used for fluorescent lighting
  6. Lighting (Dimming) - Gradually adjusts lighting, can simulate sunrise/sunset - incandescent & LED
  7. Humidity Scheduled - Schedule times that will power on, does not need a sensor
  8. Humidity Sensed - No scheduled times, uses sensor feedback to power on
  9. Humidity Hybrid - Schedule times, but the sensor will check if the power is necessary or not

Once the mode is selected it'll bring you back to the output settings menu and you can specify your settings here. Each mode will have its own individual settings like temperature ranges, on/off timers, and scheduled times, etc. Choose the settings that fit the output controller you are using and the habitat you are trying to create for your specific animal. 

Herpstat SettingsSystem Settings

This menu allows you to configure the system information of your Herpstat. Things like brightness & color of your display, system time, menu sounds, setting a password and Master Reset, etc. 

  1. Display Type - Set Fahrenheit/Celsius
  2. LCD Theme - Color Combination of the LCD Screen
  3. LCD Brightness - Brightness of LCD Screen
  4. System Time - Set the Time
  5. Menu Sounds - Mute Menu Sounds
  6. Graph Period - Adjust the time length of the main screen graph
  7. Passcode - Set 4 digit password to access Herpstat settings
  8. Master Reset - Set Herpstat to factory default settings

Safety Settings - Choose Safety Shutoff settings and alarms

WiFi Settings - Scan for WiFi, Turn on/off WiFi, & show WiFi info

Troubleshooting - Test outputs & Probes

WiFi Quick Start

The Herpstat SypderWeb can be monitor and configure your Herpstat from your Phone / Tablet / or Computer!

Herpstat Setup PageStep 1: Select Access Point on your Herpstat menu to turn on the Herpstat access point.
Step 2: Connect your device's (Phone, Tablet, PC) WiFi to the Herpstat access point. This will bring you to the Spyder Robotics connection page. (This will temporarily take you off your internet WiFi)
Step 3: Input your router's SSID Name & WiFi Password into this page and click submit. This will exit the connection page.
Step 4: Connect your device back to its original WiFi settings.
Step 5: Input your HerpStats IP address into a web browser, this will be displayed in the Herpstat's WiFi Menu
Step 6: Input the default password of spyderadmin and continue with the email setup. (You will receive your alerts through your email)
Step 7: After you input the verification code for your email you will be taken back to the Admin Page. From here you can view your status, charts, and configure your device remotely. (Follow the steps above to configure your Herpstat)

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