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How to Articles

Helpful insights on caring for your gecko and anything else you may need.

How to Set Up a Herpstat

Herpstat Setup Guide

How to Set Up a Herpstat

In this guide, we will be teaching you how to set up the Herpstat 2 SpyderWeb. Most of the info covered will also describe the setup process of other Herpstats as well. The SpyderWeb however has WiFi capabilities the others do not have!

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Order your own Herpstat here!


Bioactive Setup Guide

Bioactive Setup

What is a Bio Active Habitat?

A bioactive habitat is a closed loop system which forms a self-sustaining, self-maintaining environment reminiscent of the biological processes found in nature. Bioactive setups typically utilize drainage layers, soil, microfauna to reduce waste, and plants to provide humidity & natural hides for your pet.

How To Use Heat Tape For Snakes and Reptiles

reptile heat tape


Many snakes and reptiles need heat sources other than light to maintain proper body heat. Here we explain how to use heat tape, one great way to give that extra heat to your reptile.  

When and How to Clean your Gecko's Enclosure

Gecko Cage Cleaner

When to Clean

Figuring out when to clean your gecko’s enclosure can be difficult but necessary for maintaining the gecko’s health and wellbeing. Observing the enclosure and its components should be done daily. Important things to beware

Gecko Feeding Ledges

pangea gecko ledge


Geckos are an arboreal species of reptile, meaning they live a large portion of their lives in trees. While up in the trees, Geckos are able to avoid most terrestrial predators that roam the surface beneath.

How To Sex Your Gecko

Sexing Loupe

Sexing Your Crested Gecko

How can you tell if your crested gecko is a male or a female? Sometimes it's quite easy to tell, especially if your gecko is a bit older. Once male crested geckos hit maturity they develop very obvious hemipenal bulges

THG Heat Tape Connection How To

reptile heat tape connection

How To Connect Heat Tape Tutorial

Of course, the simplest way to connect the heat tape is just to have us at Pangea do it for you. When you order the connection kit for your THG heat tape just select "Yes Please" under the "Connect it for us" option.

You can Purchase the heat tape

LED For Vivarium Plants

LED for vivarium plants

It's all about wavelengths! Plants require wavelengths within the visible spectrum, roughly between 400nm and 740nm. UVA falls just under the visible spectrum, but is highly beneficial for faster growth, higher nutrient levels, and resistant to fungal infections.

How To Ship Your Crested Gecko

Reptile Shipping Box Crested Gecko

Crested geckos, and other New Caledonian gecko species, are considered some of the most hardy reptiles in the hobby and can be shipped overnight for next day delivery in the right conditions rather safely. When shipping these geckos, their health and safety should always be

Crested Gecko Heating

Night Light Bulb

One of the best aspects of keeping Crested Geckos is the fact that they do best at room temperatures with the ideal range falling between 70-78 degrees F.