High Performance Foldaway 30x Loupe

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High Performance Foldaway 30X Loupe

  • 30x magnification
  • Folding protective cover
  • Precision glass lens

Thins Foldaway jewelers loupe can be used for determining the sex of your reptiles! The 30x magnifying glass lens will make it easy to determine the sex of your geckos or other reptiles. Along with its small size, you can conveniently keep it in your pocket and use it anywhere.

If you make fruit fly, isopod, or springtail cultures, using a loupe to observe their development is a great way to make the most of them. With its 30x magnification you can use it for a variety of things, even its original intended use of jewels. 

This loupe is constructed of durable metal exterior. A 30x glass magnifying lens inside. And a rotating cover can easily fold up to protect the glass lens.