Herpstat EZ1


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Herpstat EZ1

  • Proportional thermostat with pulse and dimming modes which allows you to use it with any heat source up to 400 watts.
  • Special features to aid in supplying power to reptile basking bulbs.
  • Gentle startup feature to keep your heat elements from burning out prematurely.
  • High tech components built for flawless performance.
  • Built in alarms to alert you of temperature extremes.
  • One year warranty (limited)
  • 1 Premium steel tip probe included

This Spyder Robotics reptile thermostat is perfect for those with economy and quality in mind. This is a user friendly single outlet analog dial temperature controller. The built in LED lights are positioned in the green tree python's eyes for a very cool effect that also lets you know when temperatures are reached or if power is being supplied to your heat source.



HERPSTAT EZ1 MANUAL (herpstatEZmanual.pdf, 407 Kb) [DOWNLOAD]