Herpstat EZ1

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Herpstat EZ1

  • Proportional thermostat with pulse & dimming modes.
  • Special features to aid in supplying power to reptile basking bulbs.
  • Gentle startup helps keep your heat elements from burning out.
  • High tech components built for flawless performance.
  • Built in alarms to alert you of temperature extremes.
  • One year warranty (limited)
  • 1 Premium steel tip probe included

The Herpstat EZ1 by Spyder Robotics reptile thermostat is perfect for those with economy and quality in mind. This is a user friendly single outlet analog dial temperature controller. The built in LED lights are positioned in the green tree python's eyes for a very cool effect that also lets you know when temperatures are reached or if power is being supplied to your heat source. This thermostat is perfect for the budget minded reptile owner. 

This unit features proportional heating constantly monitors and adjusts amount of heat necessary to maintain a target temperature (usable range from 70°F to 110°F). Dimming and pulse heating modes. Basking assist control built in to work with basking lights. Soft startup slowly applies power during initial warm-ups. Auto Power Matching constantly adjusts the power output curve to match the enclosures efficiency. Precision digital temperature sensors with an internal resolution of .1125 °F.

The Herpstat EZ1 has removable sensors allow for easy replacement if necessary. Easily replaceable fuses. Audible alarm system with a 30 minute low temperature alarm and over temperature alarm. Internal error detection shuts off heat if sensor fails or is disconnected. A single 400 watt output. 1 year limited warranty.

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HERPSTAT EZ1 MANUAL (herpstatEZmanual.pdf, 407 Kb) [DOWNLOAD]