Heat Tape Hole Punch and Crimper Set

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Heat Tape Hole Punch and Crimper Set

  • Carbon Steel Ratchet Crimper with insulated handle
  • Durable 1/4" Hole Punch

You asked for it, and we listened! The hole punch can be used to punch through the copper strip in the heat tape. These heavy duty crimpers are the perfect tool for smooshing (that's the technical term) the connectors to your heat tape.

The 1/4" all metal hole punch is equipped with a waste clip holder for easy cleanup. The hole created is perfect  for the grommet to fit through. Once through you can use the crimper to crimp the grommet secure. 

The crimper with their 9" length and wide, flat jaws make it easy to get the leverage and surface area you need to make a secure connection. Once your connection is secure you can cover it with insulation. Finally you can finish it off with some electrical tape to make sure there is no exposed connection.