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  • No Dusty Mess
  • No need to figure out right mix/water ratio
  • Eggs never sit on damp or wet substrate
  • Eggs constantly provided with optimal humidity

HatchRite™ is a product that has been formulated to give your eggs better hatch rates with less maintenance. The makers of HatchRite™ have done extensive testing of this product hatching well over 100,000 eggs and counting! All hatch rates were improved using HatchRite™, with some improvements as high as 100% over using traditional hatching substrates and methods.

HatchRite™ incubation substrate for reptile breeding is so versatile, it has been tested and used on leopard geckos, crested geckos, ball pythons, carpet pythons, woma pythons, green tree pythons, bearded dragons, corn snakes, king snakes, and many other species with proven results. Adding moisture to the substrate can be done for more tropical species that have higher humidity requirements. 

You should frequently monitor the temperatures and inspect the eggs about once a week. If you happen to have any infertile eggs, mold or eggs that have become discolored, they should be removed from the incubation tray and discarded to keep the other viable eggs healthy. Once the eggs have successfully hatched you can discard the substrate.

Click here if you need a HatchRite Incubation Kit.


1) Open the bag of HatchRite™ and pour it into the incubation container. HatchRite™ material should clump together slightly and should fill container to approximately 75%.

2) Place eggs into incubation container. Nestle them about halfway into the HatchRite™. Place them in the position in which you found them. It is not recommended to rotate reptile eggs while they are incubating as it can cause death of the reptile.

3) Place the lid on the egg container. Be certain that your eggs do not come in contact with the lid on your container. Water condensation during the incubation process will collect on the lid and could be absorbed by the eggs if they come into contact with the lid. Note that your eggs will also swell as they develop and this too could cause them to come into contact with the lid. You should keep your eggs away from the sides of the chamber as well for the same reason.

4) Monitor your eggs. Open and inspect the egg container box once a week. This will allow for air exchange and give you an opportunity to check on the condition and health of the eggs. Dead or infertile eggs will typically discolor and begin to mold over in time. Live eggs generally retard mold growth. Molding eggs are best removed unless they are attached in the middle of a mass of connected eggs. In a connected group of eggs bad eggs should be left as not to risk damaging the other eggs.

5) Your eggs should remain full and robust throughout most of their incubation. It is not uncommon for some types of reptile eggs to sink in just prior to hatching. This is normal in some species. If your eggs start sinking in prior to 2 weeks before your projected hatch date it is typically a sign of dehydration. If this occurs simply open your egg incubation container and add a small amount of water into the corner of the container. The water will redistribute itself throughout the HatchRite™ medium. Be careful not to add too much water as this can drown the eggs. It is recommended to add small amounts over time to bring the moisture level back up rather than a large amount at one time. Do not spray or pour water directly onto the eggs.

6) Hatch Day! On hatch day, remove your new babies from the egg container and consult one of the many good books that are available on care and maintenance of reptiles. 

7) Discard the HatchRite™. When eggs hatch they release leftover fluids into the HatchRite™ that will attract flies and will cause mold and bacteria to grow in the HatchRite™. For the best results, always use fresh HatchRite™ for each clutch.