Australia Donation Crested Gecko (No Individual Photo)


Handpicked Donation Gecko

Australia currently has wildfires that are currently burning across the South-East. These are some of the worst fires to hit Australia, and they need all the aid they can receive. Pangea is offering this product for a limited time, and all proceeds will be donated to help aid in the prevention of the wildfires. The shipping fees will not be part of the donation. 

What a great event we had to raise money for Australia, and it was all thanks to you! With your help we were able to raise $4,549.37! This is not including anything that people were able to donate directly to the cause on their own from our support link.

So thank you again, we appreciate all of the support from our customers! You can still donate to this cause if you are interested. For more info please visit our Australia Wildfires page.