Handpicked Crested Gecko (No Individual Photo)

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Handpicked Juvenile

Want a nice 8 weeks and up juvenile crested gecko (Correlophus ciliatus), but don't want to pay big bucks? Pangea is offering a single crested gecko for sale, handpicked to your specifications, at only $49.99 plus shipping ($39.95). At this price we can't provide pictures of each gecko, but tell us what you want and we'll pick it out and ship it to you. Be sure to list your preferences in the notes section when placing your order at checkout.

We are not able to determine the sex of crested geckos at this age. We will not be able to guarantee colors as young geckos tend to develop their adult coloration over the period of about 12 months.

Available patterns for our Handpicked Crested Geckos for Sale (colors will vary):

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I pick a male or female juvenile?

A: We can't determine the sex of juvenile crested geckos this young.

Q: Can I request specific colors or morphs?

A: Young crested geckos tend to grow into their adult colors, so picking colors for geckos this young can be a bit difficult. Adults can show different coloring when fired or unfired, so please base your request on morph over color. We assure you that the geckos we are choosing for this deal will be of a higher value than $49.99. Our staff carefully chooses each gecko prior to being shipped. If you are looking for a very specific morph and coloration, we do encourage you to choose from the many individually pictured geckos on our site.

Q: When did my gecko hatch?

A: The date your gecko hatched will be included in your shipment. Geckos are selected the day they ship, so we are unable to provide an exact hatch date prior to the date you have scheduled your gecko shipment.